Out of this world: Neopreen sneakers

We’ve always been a big fan of new shapes and interesting materials.These sneakers with elastic and neopreen are a perfect fit in the futuristic fashion trend.


ps poelman neopreen sneakers







Working in fashion, actually makes you kind of a time traveler. During cold days, we’re already in Summer shoes with our heads, when on the beach, we feel like putting on our new furry warm coats. We are always in search of the next big trend. Well, one thing is for sure, this inspired us to make a futuristic sneaker.


These babies have a thick sole which makes them very comfy to walk in plavix price. The patent back gives them a girly touch, whereas the elastic creates a new cool vibe.
Style theses navy blue sneakers with a rebel denim and your favorite Friday sweater.
The army green ones are perfect with your leather pants. Create your futuristic fall look!