Poelman Foundation for Orange Babies


Proudly supporting Orange Babies in Zambia

Orange Babies was founded to help HIV infected women and their babies in Africa. The foudation also supports children infected with the virus or otherwise directly affected in any way.

Poelman has chosen to support the Orange Babies Foundation in their mission. By adopting all projects in Zambia, we’ve helped many children and their mothers in finding a future. They are offered a home, food and education, so they can build a better life.

The first priority for Orange Babies is to prevent mother-to-child transmission of the HIV-virus:

• Providing medication
• Offering formula milk as a substitute for breastfeeding
• Developing and supporting educational programs

Second priority is treatment, care and support for mother and child:

• Medical treatments
• Relief centres
• Constructing maternity wards
• Care and education for orphans

Together with Orange Babies and the help of many companies and volunteers, we’ve accomplished many small things that have great impact on the lives of those who need it the most. Visit www.poelmanfoundation.com to find out more.